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Who We Are


We are a couple of artists who love what we do and do it every day!  Thornton came to Dallas and made his name in Deep Ellum over 25 years ago.  Erika has a business degree and a studio arts degree from the University of Alabama.  Together we paint everything from photo realistic portraits to abstract murals.  In between, we take adventures as often as we can to find inspiration for new, innovative artwork! 

Our Mascot and Studio Pup


Meet Kujo!  He is our 5lb pom and he loves being with us when we paint or when we are on location.  He travels with us as often as possible.  If we come out to do work for you or to put in a quote - chances are he will be with us!!

Studio Life


We live and work from a loft in Downtown Dallas - if you find yourself in our area - come by and say hi!

Quick Bio

 Born in 1970, Thornton is a Dallas-based fine art airbrush artist, muralist and body painter, from a small town in Kansas.  The inspiration for his work is typically a combination of Art Nouveau to moments in his everyday life.  As a child, he remembers seeing various Art Nouveau pieces around the family home and the style is something he incorporates in a large majority of his works.  As an adult, Thornton enjoys traveling to pull new inspiration from looking at the world through a unique lens - which affords him the ability to see everyday situations as the baseline of a magnificent piece of artwork.  
25 years ago Thornton moved to Dallas to work under some of the top airbrush artists and fell in love with the city.  While he never has experienced any formal education or training in any medium, his desire to grow as an artist and drive for perfection in his work has motivated him to overcome life’s setbacks and become one of Dallas’s “go to” artists.  Over the years Thornton has been a part of numerous festivals, tours,  juried, solo and collaboration shows - all of which helped him get his name out as a growing artist.  From taking part in the Deep Ellum Tunnel mural project to winning first place at the Body Art Ball’s touring shows numerous times, Thornton is the epitome of a well rounded artist.
As an artist, Thornton’s artistic philosophy is ever evolving.  Currently, it is expressed in just a few words “I live to paint - not paint to live”.  If you were to ask him why he painted any piece - he would tell you “it was just what I saw”.  He wakes up with a need to apply his vision to canvas - the conclusion is the final piece of art.  Through his love of art, music and travel - Thornton has encountered buyers from various backgrounds around the world.  This has resulted in pieces of various mediums, sizes and subject matters can be found in a number of private collections both in the United States as well as 5 other countries.
In recent years Thornton has partnered with Erika Bauer and the two have inspired each other to grow as artists.  They have opened Artist Till Death Studios and are working tirelessly to understand new mediums to take their art to the next level.  While Thornton’s main tool is still the airbrush gun, he has added a new level of intricacy to his work with the addition of acrylic washes and resin to some of his recent pieces.  He wants the viewer to see his artwork as a thing of beauty as well as evoke a sense of wonder about the piece.  In the future, Thornton looks to put on a solo show wherein a set of headphones are presented in front of each piece - so that the viewer can feel the art as well as enjoy it visually.
A complete list of awards, accomplishments, publications, reviews and shows can be accessed upon request.  Thornton’s wide array of specializations from mural work and canvas pieces to live airbrushing/bodypainting for events and often is booked for promotions, club/bar openings and private parties.   *Available for travel everywhere.* For purchasing/booking info, please contact Thornton at 214.402.9996 or email thornton@artisttilldeath.com


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