Scratch Off Giveaway!

Hey Y'all!!! It's time to play ATD's Golden Ticket!  For every $100 spent we will include a scratch off ticket in your shipment.  Once you get your package - hurry and scratch off to see if you win!  Prizes are first come first serve.   Email us to claim your prize of the ones left available.  As prizes are claimed I will update this page to only show what is available.  The game will proceed till all prizes are taken.  Prizes for this round of ATD's Golden Ticket include: Any one paint of your choice (that is in stock), 50 clear coasters, ATD shirt (whatever size you require), 1/2 Gallon Stone Coat Art Coat Resin, Large Mystery Box, ATD Apron, L.W.K.O. Clutch or Passport Holder, Brand New AmTake Heat Gun, $50 coupon off for anything on our website.  Order now and Start Scratching!!!!  Use the hashtag #ATDGoldenTicket to show everyone what you win! Every ticket will also contain a 5% off code for any future purchase so EVERY CARD IS A WINNER!!!!

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